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La’Quana Jones is a passionate Urban Fiction Author who creates and resides in Sacramento, California. Hailing from Oakland, her passion for writing began at the age of eight and it has stayed with her ever since. La’Quana always knew that words held a lot of power and she was able to harness that power to openly express her feelings on paper (despite being a quiet child growing up). She has also had an avid interest in fashion from an early age, which is why she eventually studied it in college and received her Associate of Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing.

 To date, La’Quana is the author of seven books and has been published in two anthologies. In 2015, she was published by Cole Hart Presents. A year later, she was featured in the book, “Queens of Urban Fiction” by Cole Hart Signature Authors.

Throughout her creative career, Maya Angelou has been La’Quana’s main muse in life. Whenever she reads her masterpieces, she can feel them at a soul level, which is something she strives to emulate in her own work.

Both influential and equally as determined, La’Quana is on a mission to create relatable characters, all while creating a new world that her readers can get lost in.

When she isn’t crafting stories, La’Quana loves reading books and spending quality time with her children. She is the proud mother of one boy and four girls.


To find out more about La’Quana Jones and her publications, feel free to visit her official website: You can also reach her on Facebook:


 “A Girl Can Only Take So Much” (Debut book)

“California Hood Luv 1 & 2”

“The Coldest Thing She Ever Did”

“A Book of Knowledge” (Written with her father)

“Stolen Virginity”

“Not Another Essay”

“T.Tiger The Wild Alley Cat” (Based on a true story about her aunt)


 Anthologies La’Quana Was Featured In:

“Sistah's on Lit”

“Queens of Urban Fiction”


Upcoming Releases:


“Cali Black and Kisha” (January 2017)


Instagram: Laquanas_world