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 Cali Black is a tall, charcoal complexioned, heavyset, laidback man. He enjoys having multiple women and he don’t plan on settling down anytime soon.  Although, Lakisha is the love of his life, he has a hard time forgiving her for having a miscarriage. He blames her for letting her father, Richard, run her life.                

He meets Sharika, a much older woman. He feels obligated to take care of her and her three children, but he won’t stop sexting Lakisha.  Lakisha refuses to be the side chick so she decides to go to, Sharika house and confront her, but ends up beat up and in jail for the second time.                

 Lakisha Long is a mixed petite young woman with a feisty attitude. She is ride or die for, Cali Black. She would do anything for him; even if it means risking her life. Cali Black don’t know that she is slick at husting tricks with her best friend, Misako. Lines get crossed when she run into the wrong trick, but she is already in too deep and she is too broke to turn the money down.  If anyone found out, everyone would be hurt.  Her life would be changed forever. Will she lose all her friends or will they forgive her and let her past stay where it’s at?


Growing up in the projects of East Oakland, California gave Sapphire no other choice but to learn how to get money, and even more how to swim with the Sharks throughout the city. By any means necessary she wanted to live the lavish lifestyle that came with having a major dope boy by her side and she would stop at nothing to having it her way. However, living the fast life came with repercussions and consequences in the streets of California. Raised under a drug addicted mother, Sapphire was later taken in by her auntie Diana. When she moved in, her and her younger cousin La’Porsha bonded immediately, or did they? Now living in Sacramento, California. Sapphire saw the streets as open game, and it didn't take her long to find what she'd been after, and that was any dope boy that would take her. Sapphire had the heart of a lion and looks and street smarts to match. But after a botch robbery, her high school sweet heart, Wayne was murdered and without any hesitation she went to the next major dope boy which was his cousin, Julius. Now caught in a deadly web, will Sapphire game be strong enough to keep her from getting killed or will her new found love sweep her treacherous past under the rug and continue to love her?


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